AWAKENING is the Truth...Is Awareness...Is Freedom

"The first step towards personal freedom is awareness. It is the truth that only if we are aware of something, we can change it to the better."

- Cristiano De Sade

Discover your strength and find your life path


The future synergy between nature and humans, harmony and happiness of family life and freedom of individual mind lies in the hands of women. Univers set this at the beginning of human story 200 000 to 300 000 years ago, but male brut power sadly prevailed it. This workshop will tell you why and how and it is more comfortable than the smile.


When I established 5 Pillars of Happiness in December 2017 my vision was to develop a personal development workshop targeting body, mind and soul, in order to help women from all walks of life regardless of age, believes and religion to overcome personal crisis and emotional difficulties and empower them to make genuine and long-lasting positive change in their lives.


During this workshop, you will learn how this society operates, how deceived and manipulated it has become.

You will learn three secrets about man which will resolve up to 90 % of all the issues that you ever have with any man and how to make one your confidant and protector. 

Lastly, you will understand all women advantages and how to use them in real life to make your desires become truth. 

About Our Clients

Our counselling and life coaching clients are people who are desiring to live a life full of joy and happiness but sometimes feel that they lost touch with the demands and expectations of the modern world. It is the truth that the skills and knowledge that were sufficient even 20 years ago are now proving to be inadequate.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are looking for the space to be yourself and to be open and honest about the way you genuinely feel

  • You are desiring to gain clarity and perspective of the challenges you are facing

  • You are wishing to determine what is not working in your life and learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and behaviours

  • You are desiring to find solutions to the challenges you are facing

  • You wish to accept yourself and accept others

  • You want to be able to communicate your feelings to those you love more effectively

  • You desire to put closure on the past

  • You are wishing to deal with issues from the past that are stopping you from moving forward

What our clients say

“I have decided to write this review not only because of a warm and compassionate reception that I have received from Cristiano but more as he has dedicated the entire time just for me and guidance how to solve problems instead of drowning in them. He helped me to finally start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I have gradually stopped taking antidepressants, reading the recommended books about values of life and re-learning a positive and optimistic view of the world. I recommend Cristiano and 5 Pillars of Happiness to every woman facing similar challenges as working with him left me with the impression that I am important.”


 - Jade Dowsett








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